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Travel guide for Skiathos
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Travel guide for Skiathos

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Skiathos belongs to the Sporades complex, along with Syros, Skopelos and Alonissos. It is located within walking distance of mainland Greece, just a few kilometers east of Pelion, in the prefecture of Magnesia.
With airplane
You can reach Skiathos by air all year round by flights made by Olympic Airways. Tickets are relatively cheap. In the summer there are many charter flights from various European cities such as London, Manchester, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, Milan, Zurich, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam many others. You can book airline tickets to Skiathos from the search engine of Arriving at Skiathos Airport, the easiest way to get to the city, 4km away, is to take a taxi.
By ferry-boat
Alternatively, you can reach Skiathos by ferry-boats or dolphins, departing from Agios Konstantinos (165 kilometers from Athens) and Volos (321 kilometers from Athens and 204 kilometers from Thessaloniki), connecting all the islands of the Sporades. Hydrofoils and Flying cats cover the distance 1.5 hours from the port of Agios Konstantinos and 1 hour from the port of Volos. Ferry boats have an extra half-hour service, since their speed does not exceed 18 nautical miles an hour, as opposed to flying dolphins that reach 44. Of course, the cost of the latter is twice as high as the ferry boats. It is also worth mentioning that high speed boats can not carry cars or motorbikes and their ability to travel depends greatly on the weather. When strong winds blow the routes are canceled. You can book cruise tickets for Skiathos from the search engine of
Tour of Skiathos
To explore Skiathos you have all the options available: buses, taxis, boats and cars / motorbikes.
By car
If you want to explore the northern side of the island and the mountain villages, which are less developed and inaccessible (many dirt roads), then you better rent a small car. You can simply, quickly and cheaply rent a car using the online car rental service of Motorbikes and motorbikes are clearly more comfortable and cheaper, but they are not recommended on all roads.
By taxi
You can call at 2427021460 at any time to find a taxi or you can stop on the main streets of the island. Before boarding the taxi, ask the driver for the exact price of the trip, so as not to be a victim of unreasonable charges.
By bus
Ski buses in Skiathos run 3 main routes. The main route connects the capital with Koukounaries (14 km southwest of the city covered in about half an hour) making 24 stops: 0. Skiathos, 1. Delta, 2. Platania, 3. Slaughterhouse, 4. Acropolis, 5. Megali Ammos , 6. Fungi, 7. King, 8. Fryssi, 9. Agios Taxiarhis, 10. Achladies, 11. Sklithri, 12. Tzaneria, 13. Vromolimnos, 14. Kolios, 15. Long Accommodation, 16. Agia Paraskevi, 17 Poros, 18. Iconist, 19. Troulos, 20. Ammoni, 21. Maratha, 22. Mandraki, 23. Strofilia, 24. Agia Eleni, 25. Koukounaries. It leaves every 20 minutes and the ticket is extremely cheap (less than 2 Euros). Please note that during the summer season on the return journey, from 18:00 to 21:00, the bus is usually full. However, if you do not have another way to return to Skiathos, go to the next stop from Koukounaries on foot and take the bus that comes from the beach. The other two routes include one to Xanemo in the northeast and another to the Evangelistria Monastery in the northern section.
By boat
Last but not least, they are caiques, small boats that operate as taxis, and bring tourists to the beautiful parts of the island. With the caiques you can not only visit popular (Achladies, Vromolimnos) or isolated beaches (Castro, Lalaria, Aselinos, Kehria), as well as non-inhabited islands (Tsoukria) or the neighboring islands of Skopelos and Alonissos 09:30 - 10.00 in the morning and return at 17.00 in the afternoon). If you do not have a nausea problem, then you can go by boat because it is a great experience, cross the sea so you are lucky to see dolphins too!
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